The CD on Witch Hunter Records is now going to be a Complete Discography of the band, and feature the B-Side ‘Field Of Flames’ from the tape on Church Of Fuck, ‘World Past Saving’ the last song we wrote and recorded, the 3 original demo tracks, and ‘Death Hymn’ the acoustic track. 6 tracks in total, in the following order:

1. World Past Saving
2. Field Of Flames
3. Heathen Reign
4. Cold Cross
5. Burnt Eden
6. Death Hymn

If you’ve already ordered the CD, then worry not, you’ll be receiving it soon, just with a different tracklisting. Everyone else, it’s available to buy here > , and every track is now available to stream/download from the Knife Crimes bandcamp here>

We also still have shirts available here >

Thanks to the world for letting us down.

Dear Jesus, I hope I disappoint you, 
Dear Jesus, my hate is pure like sunshine. 
From the ashes of your bones we will rise, united in hate. 
We will rise. 
We will end our father’s wars, 
We will start one of our own, 
Against you.

Our demo tape is online to buy from Church Of Fuck now, pick it up here:

The tape comes with an exclusive b-side, live-set and patch.

The demo is also available to stream on our bandcamp here:

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